Fast Turnaround

Liston specializes in fast turnaround and short production runs. We work with our customers to determine their MIN/MAX inventory requirements and can provide Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery. Establishing a blanket order gives you a cost effective solution for receiving parts as needed.


Liston's on premises facility centrifugally casts and statically pours Babbitt for journal, thrust, journal-thrust and other bearing designs. All Babbitt bearings are Dye Penetration test to help ensure the integrity of the bond between the Babbitt and other metal. Ultrasonic testing may be arranged as required.

Liston uses only Certified Grade II Babbitt unless otherwise specified by our customers.

Bearing Assembly

Liston provides on-site bearing assembly and inspection. Bearings can be shipped to your facility ensuring that the set bore and preload meet design. A detailed inspection report provides actual measurements and appropriate calculation to demonstrate that the design intent meets drawing requirements, including results from a "bump" check".

Thermocouple/RTD Install

Liston routinely installs Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD) and Thermocouples for various customer applications. For existing designs, our team will work with you to integrate an RTD that meets your configuration and facilitates manufacturing.

R & D Prototyping

Liston can work with your design team to prepare prototype components for testing. Our quick turnaround helps you meet tight customer schedules and hard to get test stand time. Iterative changes to sleeve, tilt, ball-and-socket, and other bearing designs help you complete bearing design to meet specific application needs.

Reverse Engineering

Liston and its partners have worked with our customers to produce bearings when the drawings have been lost or suppliers have gone out of business. By reverse engineering an existing bearing, coupled with our design analysis, we can assist you in replicating the original bearing’s form, fit and function.

ITAR Registered

Liston is a registered manufacturer in accordance with the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR part 122).

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