Machining Capabilities


CNC Equipment

All CNC equipments is operated in temperature controlled environments to minimize thermal expansion effects. CNC programming is performed both at the machine and off-line using MasterCAM and DELCAM FeatureCAM.


CNC Lathes Capabilities
Quick Turn NEXUS 350MSY2KY Mazatrol Matrix Nexus Control – Twin Spindle with live Tooling, Max. Turning dia. 10”, Turning length 15”, Bar capacity 4”
Doosan Puma 2500 LSY Turning Center with Milling Y-Axis and sub Spindle 13” Turning Dia, 43.7 between center
Doosan Puma 300C Max. Turning dia. 15.7”, Turning length 24.8
Doosan Puma GT2600 (3) Max. Turning dia. 18.1”, Turning length 25.9
Colchester-MultiTurn 3000 Swing in Gap 28.7” Max, Turning dia. 18”. Max. Turning length 60”
Fryer ET-25  
Bridgeport EZ Path III Max. Turning dia. 27”, Max. Turning length 56”
Bridgeport EZ Path II Max. Turning dia. 20”, Max. Turning length 40”
Bridgeport EZ Path I (2) Max. Turning dia. 14”, Max. Turning length 40”



Machining Centers Capabilities
Doosan Puma MX1600ST 735 two spindles, sub-turret
MAZAK Integrex E 410M (2)

Machine Tool Comprehensively combines a machine center and a turning center

Complete all operations – Turning, Milling, Drilling in a single setup.


First Spindle 35HP, 4000RPM

Second Spindle 35HP, 4000RPM

Milling Spindle 30HP, 12,000RPM


Max Swing over Carriage 24”

Max Machining Diameter 24”

Max Machining Length 59”


X Axis 29”

Y Axis 16”

B Axis 240 degree

C Axis 360 degree


CNC Milling Capabilities
Okuma M560V 5-axis Milling Center (2) 41"(X) 22"(Y) 18"(Z)
Hurco VMX 30U 3+2 Milling Center 30"(X) 20"(Y) 20.5"(Z)
Doosan MYNX 5400 HS Machining Center 31.5"(X) 20"(Y) 20 HP
Doosan MV-4020 Heavy Duty VMC 40”(X) 20”(Y) 22”(Z) 20 HP
Daewoo DMV-4020 HS Machining Center 40”(X) 20”(Y) 22”(Z) 20 HP
Bridgeport VMC-800 Machining Center 31.5"(X) 20"(Y) 19.7"(Z) 15 HP
Bridgeport CNC Controlled (3) 20"(X) 10"(Y) 6"(Z) 2 1/2 HP


Other Equipment

Liston maintains specialized and manual equipment for critical and one-off production.

Equipment Capabilities
Hardinge Lathe Collet Chucker up to 2" dia.
Bridgeport-style mills (4) Travel 25"(X) 11.5”(Y) 6”(Z)
Surface Grinders (2) 1-2. 18"(X) 6"(Y) 8"(Z)
Rotary Grinders (2)

#!: 24" diameter, 12" high

#2: 15: diameter, 9" high

OD Grinder 12" dia. swing X 54" between centers
Mitsubishi MV2400 Wire EDM Max. Work Piece Dim. (W x D x H) 41.3 x 32.3 x 16.3
Mitsubishi MV1200 Wire EDM Max. Work Piece Dim. (W x D x H) 31.9 x 27.6 x 8.5
Saws Vertical and horizontal band saws
GravoGraph Electronic Etching  

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